Posted by: alsotru | 04/10/2010

Hard drive

Where does your motivation come from?

 I’m not refering to how you make yourself go for a run or give up cigarettes but instead why you do any of the things you do. Why are you in the job you are in? Why do you live in the town you live in and why do you update your Facebook status? How many of these choices are made by us and how many are made by our peers and our surroundings?

If you look back along  the twists and turns of your undoubtedly incredible life how many conscious decisions did you make yourself and how many times did you have them made for you? Do we strive for top earning jobs because that is what we want or is it to apease our family and impress our friends? Do you really love the sport you play or do you just want to be better than your friends? Do you write a blog because you enjoy writing or because you are a pretentious douche? So many questions.

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